Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Baby Noé - New Born in comfort sweet Slumber zzz

on sale in the link above
♥````Baby Noé```` ♥
The word Nuah means Rest - To me it means comfort ~~ 

Here is a little poem that triggered in my mind while sculpting Baby Noé ♥ ~~~

♥~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥The shadow cast by my body
Separates the future from the past:
Before, it dwell in the unborn hours of silence,
and it was unknown beyond my strength:
Did I know I would never return to this hour,
the hours past, no longer mine:
The only thing that I have and know,
is the now on which my body's shadow rests.

In comfort sleeps Baby Noé - ♥ Bimi Felix Miranda

Monday, 29 April 2013

Bella Donna Enchantress

Meet BellaDonna Enchantress and let her sprinkle her fairy dust on you and you be happy ever after ♥

Friday, 26 April 2013

Fair on Sunday 28th April

We are going to the party, we are going to the fair 
With all the Señoritas with flowers on their hair

Yaye My first ever public event 

When: Sunday 28th April 2013.

Where: The Sports Hall, St. Mary’s Church, The Claddagh, Galway

Time: 9am – 3pm

Triya and Nora 's one of a kind (OOAK) artisan collectible dolls, fairies, paintings will be exhibited in the fair. Come and visit me in shop no. 16 to see what I have. Happy shopping :)

See you there :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

**♥ ♥Can Babies see Fairies? **♥ ♥

Can babies see fairies? I love those little puny babies... They inspire me so much..

Yes, babies can definitely see fairies. T
Albert Einstein was a famous physicist and one of the founders of quantum physics. He understood the concept of other dimensions. He also understood the need to go beyond the senses. I admire him greatly. Oh yes. That's right. We were talking about babies. However did I get so off the subject. **♥ ♥

Babies inspire me <3
Here are some of my baby creation inspired by the pink moon and I named the Pink Moon Babies

Why call them pink moon babies? I am so inspired by the full moon this month .. April's full moon is known as Full Pink Moon derived from the pink flowers that begin to bloom in Spring. It isn't actually pink ♥. Still, our full moon is on the 25th. ♥ I honour the pink moon :) and these babies are born ♥

Sunday, 21 April 2013

~♥How can you see fairies?♥♥ Wouldn't you love it?♥~

♥Wowwy! I am excited already♥♥

Triya and Nora: We came up with some help for you. Ok, now don't be afraid. We all have our way of seeing things. You have yours too (Wow, kids these days are so cool)... You can see some of our friends under the leaves and old fallen logs.

They are hard to see..You can't keep shouting for TRIYA AND NORA all the time. you need to be quiet shhhh quiet... THey are really hard to see. We will give you a tip. Try this can you see?

Turn your head side ways, tilt a little quietly with no noise as you could scare them easily. They need to know you can be a friend. now tilt little by the light of the first star to left...there! do you see?? do you see the shadow?

Shhh you can meet our friends one by one...That's Nora's friend, mine too.. Aunt Mother Goddess and baby ♥ Awww so cute and beautiful ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ We love them, they are so tiny and beautiful..
Me : Wow of course they are. What's this metaphysics? Am I crazy? Am I ok? hmm well the plan was not to be judgemental, but to see things through Nora's and Triya's eyes...Where is that spirit of mine wanting to enter a child's world...We adults us!!!! They are so tiny so beautiful...

Meet Tina The Piggy - Euro 12.39


I went ahead and designed a cute little piggy, who is available for sale. I could also customise a piggy with your name and message for you.

You can have Triya and Nora's Tina the pig all for yourself for euro 12.39. This Doesn't include postage. I could also make customised piggy banks with your name on it. Message me to know more :)   

Piggy Bank - We all need that cash ~~ Find a Penny, pick it up ;) ♥♥

Oh yes! we really need that extra money to make all the fae people come live in front of you, to buy the supplies to run our business etc...

Ever wondered where did the name Piggy bank come from?
What is a Piggy bank? How can a bank be a pig? 

*~~Makes us wonder ~~*
In the 15th and 16th century Europe, there were no banks to put your money into. What money people saved had to kept at home. But people earned so little that they wanted to save some money for a rainy day.

The only way they could was to put it in pots and jars. The jars were mostly made of hardened clay as metal was a costly item then and people couldn't afford to buy a metal jar. Pots, pans, jars and other household items were made of an orange-coloured clay known as "pygg".

People would use a jar made of "pygg" to save or "bank" what money they could. When banking started, people realised that what they were saving in "pygg" moneyboxes at home was personal banking! Slowly over time, this "pygg bank" became corrupted to become "pig bank". In the 19th century, potters who had heard the term decided to make a coin-saving moneybox in the shape of a pig.

Pigs, in fact, have always been the poor man's asset. A pig would be fed leftovers and scraps of the table and be fattened for the butcher at the end of the year. In a similar vein, a piggy bank is fed coins left over from the monthly expenses, and at the end smashed to take the saved money out.

Within a short time this figurine caught people's fancy. Fancy pig-shaped money-boxes came into the market in all shapes and sizes, with cute noses, and curly tails. Naturally this caught the attention of the children and the rest is pig-banking history. As you 'sow', so shall you reap, as they say. There hasn't been a better bit of porcine wisdom since.

Now we know about piggy bank and guess what..all the money..tiny puny coins collected by Triya filled up the piggy bank. One day she walked up to her mom stretching out her tiny arms holding her precious money in her wee piggy bank and said "Here's my savings, I collected to buy some gold. Can you take me to the jewellers and buy me a ring and a necklace". 
Who would want to disappoint a wee little heart. Aww the mother used her credit card to buy her little one some gold and kept her little spirit up to save more money. Baby Nora was all ears to this conversation. ♥♥

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Story Time ! xoxo

Here we start by telling the true story of the (my) two little girls Triya and Nora. Every charming thing here has an essence of them with uniqueness. It's about belief, imagination and magic of childhood. Everyone who has a child's heart and imagination will love to walk along with me into the wonder world of Nora and Triya ♥ ~Years before, I was this sassy lady..I still am ;)(never mind !) carrying my first beautiful daughter. I called it trendy in my head to have someone, your creation, your child ♥ and then ♥ Triya ♥ was born in this world ~ Years later a feeling to have someone yours, for a sense of that feeling of belonging some where, a need to feel special and treat that someone special. A feeling to have someone for us, Triya and myself. My Nora was born. It was dark in the world until my angels shone that soothing light. So much love but so incomplete with imbalance of energies. ♥ Oh! I love Triya and Nora ♥ I can't deny I have never been in touch with nature and my fairy world.. Well I needed a reminder, a strong bell in my right ear and that's exactly what Triya and Nora did to me. I didn't really involve in playing much with other kids a lot. I loved my time for myself. I used to take the used old cake moulds and fill it with sand and water like a paste and turn it upside down in the garden or backyard and I decorated with tiny pebbles and lovely fallen flowers and sang happy birthday songs to the mother nature and danced in rejoice too. This was my very favourite game. I did invite other kids and my sisters in the neighbourhood to showcase my cake and involve them in my game. Well they came in there to see the new cakes I made and went away. They never seem to get my idea of celebration of mother earth's birthday every so often without any lack of excitement or boredom. I had fairy friends and I never felt weird about it... Well! This game went on even when became a teenager. But as I grew up with my chores, problems in life I did distance away from my happiness, art , painting, music and everything. Oh! it happens to all of us. those nasty thing we put ourselves through; those people who mess up everything or that we let them do to us. When you let go of the control of your happiness, your very precious life!

Friday, 19 April 2013

~~~♥♥♥How I create ♥♥♥~~~

~~~♥Hello World ♥~~~

This is my first post and I would like to introduce my creations ready for your homes ;)

I am an artist and these days everything is Fae inspired in my life.. Its like a magick leading me and guess what ? I incorporate my art with lots of recycling , by adding things like.. bottles, caps , kitchen towel stems. etc.... Well! I use them to create the armature of my sculpts and of course I sculpt on top of it with clay.

I create everything from the scratch, from a lump of clay or a plain canvas and it is as if my creations become real. Yes, check out my art and you know what I mean <3 ( !!I dont know how this is happening~~) All I do is let myself be guided and my fairies , all emanate their energy through my creations, characters ♥♥~~

Are you ready to be with me in my jouney of life .Oh! I mean ♥♥ Beautiful, Happy Life ♥♥

Do you have an open mind with no fear of being judged and to be childlike and be playful in pure bliss♥♥

"Come away, O human child: To the waters and the wild with a fairy, hand in hand, For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand." William Butler Yates

Lets get ready to travel to our fairy world ♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~♥♥~~