How to see fairies? ♥ Wouldn't you love to see them?

Triya and Nora: We came up with some help for you. Ok, now don't be afraid. We all have our way of seeing things. You have yours too (Wow, kids these days are so cool)... You can see some of our friends under the leaves and old fallen logs. 
They are hard to see..You can't keep shouting for TRIYA AND NORA all the time. you need to be quiet shhhh quiet... THey are really hard to see. We will give you a tip. Try this can you see?

Turn your head side ways, tilt a little quietly with no noise as you could scare them easily. They need to know you can be a friend. now tilt little by the light of the first star to left...there! do you see?? do you see the shadow?

Shhh you can meet our friends one by one...That's Nora's friend, mine too.. Aunt Mother Goddess and baby ♥ Awww so cute and beautiful ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ We love them, they are so tiny and beautiful..
Me : Wow of course they are. What's this metaphysics? Am I crazy? Am I ok? hmm well the plan was not to be judgemental, but to see things through Nora's and Triya's eyes...Where is that spirit of mine wanting to enter a child's world...We adults us!!!! They are so tiny so beautiful...