About Triya and Nora

To create most unique one of a kind art dolls and fairies

Company Overview
Triya and Nora series include hand-sculpt one of a kind art dolls and fairies and other whimsical characters :)It's about all little things and big things too. Everything here will be creations inspired by Triya and Nora, my two little girls. Their world is filled with fairies, (so whimsical), baby animals, beautiful things, music, lots of art and love. This beautiful line of creation is inspired by seeing things through their eyes. Everything is so magical and beautiful. Moments, stories, poetry, art, craft..pure bliss from a child's wonder world.

General Information 

Bimi Felix is a visual hand artist based in the West of Ireland. She holds an MBA in Fashion Design Management and Retail Management and a second Master degree in MSc International Business. Bimi also holds degrees in Merchandising and fashion designing.

Bimi says “I love to paint when ever I get a chance and I enjoy it a lot. I am looking for a break in art as well. My art is always associated with a tiny poetry conveying a particular message to the world. My style is mostly expressionism and I love to paint Mother Nature.” Her favourite Medium of Art is Oil. My new passion is sculpting real life looking art dolls. I am lucky to have found my interest and to be inspired by fae and offer many beautiful creations. 

You can shop things at my store http://www.etsy.com/shop/TriyaandNora or just message me what you need. Payment accepted through paypal only, Pay pal id - bimifelix@gmail.com